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Default Artifacts with GTX280 in Crysis

I have a BFG GTX280 OC and after about 10 minutes playing crysis I start to see random black artifacts. They are always black lines or triangles and appear only for a split second (maybe single frame?), but this keeps happening about every 5 seconds. The pc/game never froze even when playing for hours. At first I thought it was because of the amateurish maps I was playing (I'm trying out the single player maps of the crysis contest) but later verifyed that it happens everywhere, with both high settings and hacked very high. Staring at the sea or daytime sky is enough to trigger this.

I've also been playing GRID and Mass Effect and they appear immune. I also don't suffer from sudden rises in temperature like other people experience. As far as I can tell, the card never goes above 85C, even with furmark running for a long time. So I'm only experiencing the artifacts with crysis, so far. Happens in both XP and Vista. Tried both drivers 177.35 and 177.41.

I even tried to downclock the card to standard numbers (with nvidia control panel), since this is a factory overclocked card. Nothing changed, although it seemed to take longer to start displaying artifacts (could be my imagination...).

The only thing that *appears* to have "solved" it is forcing the fan to 100%. It survived 30 minutes without artifacts. So my question is... Will this be fixed in the future with a driver or bios update? Is it reason enough to RMA the card? Can case airflow be related? 100% fan is just too loud to bear... and unnecessary for other apps/games.

Thanks and sorry for the long post.
Tiago Sousa
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