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Default Re: Artifacts with GTX280 in Crysis

Originally Posted by Revs View Post
If you're running the fan at stock speed, about 40% I think, it'll get pretty damn hot, even in a breezy case. I run at 55%. The best way to test the card is using FurMark. It'll load your card more than any game, just make sure your fan is on 100% while running it. The best way to keep an eye on your temps is RivaTuner. It has a function which records your temp while you're in game so you can have a look after you close the game.
The stock speed is 40%, or at least it's what's stated in nvidia control panel. But does that mean that it never goes above it? I think I saw higher speeds in gpu-z when the card was hot.

Indeed the first thing I ran on the card was furmark, because I was afraid of all the heat issues I've been reading about, but it turned out to be ok. However, it was running in windowed mode so I could see gpu-z at the same time, so maybe it wasn't reaching its full (heating) potential. I'll try to run it for longer in fullscreen while using rivatuner to record the temps. Thanks for the tip.
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