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Default Re: Warhead Teaser Trailer

Originally Posted by K007 View Post
that framerate smoothness better not be just a gimmick....but i bet it was done using a tri sli gtx 280...
Similar graphic level in Crysis runs smooth on a 8800GT at 720p. Kinda amazed even a 7900GT runs Crysis at all high at 15-20fps with a weak CPU. Doubt you need 3-way SLi for Warhead at high settings like in that video!

EDIT: Check this out.
"Despite the fact that I was playing Crysis Warhead on high settings with a smooth frame rate and barely an ounce of pop up, the guys from Crytek dropped the information that I was playing on a machine they'd bought for the Euro equivalent of 380 pounds."
"the game sold nearly 1.5 million copies worldwide, says EA"
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