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Default Re: Do you get overheating issues with your GTX 280 ?

Originally Posted by dancid View Post
Hey guys, I bought the EVGA gtx280 superclocked edition, and I'm having major heating problem with it. I have to turn a big floor fan into my open case for it to stay at around 170F, otherwise it goes well over 200F. Do you guys think I received a bad card? or should I just RMA and get a different manufacturer. And any suggestion on a different manufacturer if so? Now that I got the power issues resloved, it runs age of conan well, but I'm wondering if anyone else has had thermal issues or even FPS issues, or anything really. When you've no means of comparison to other cards of it's kind, you really don't know if it's operating at its full potential.


PS: I know it's a overclocked version, but even when I underclock it, it doesn't really affect my thermal situation. And at it's current clock rate games seem to run fps count optimally at its default clock rate (pre-oc), Wether i underclock it or overclock it, I lose game smoothness either way. (age of conan)
If underclocking does no effect then its time to RMA i guess.

man now i'm starting to worry .. i can get a E-VGA 280 today but after reading all this i really cant decide

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