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Default Re: Undervolting GTX280 - The Way To Be Cool!

Does anyone here have any actual technical explanation as to why undervolting can destroy a GPU? Undervolting has been used for CPUs for ages now with no issue at all. The only risk I can see here is flashing a BIOS from an unreliable floppy. I'd do it with a USB key instead.

They take a bunch of GPUs, find out the minimum possible voltage that they will all run the most stable at and make it the standard. There's no reason why some of these GPUs can't be better than others and run properly at a lower voltage. Since the 280 is the highest end card, there's no higher binning process. That means plenty of the chips can safely run at a lower voltage, but there will be a few bad apples that won't.

Hold the FUD please...
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