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Default Re: GTX 260 only $329 at Newegg

Originally Posted by Stevedroid View Post
You could have pointed out which one

Just so everyone is aware, it's $329 with a dreaded $50 mail in rebate. You pay $379, wait a bunch of months and hope whatever inevitably crappy 3rd party rebate company they're using accepts your rebate. Still, a good deal if you trust rebates (for me their success record is about 60/40).

Its the PNY one:
I've got 100% success rate with mail-in rebates. All you do is make copies, mail it in ,and as soon as they deny it for whatever ludicrous reason they come up with, email them and file a complaint on Honestly, the BBB has become a process in about 40% of my rebates, which is about the same as you seem to be experiencing.

I actually mailed in two rebates to EVGA during my last build. They refused one, but after emailing them, they processed it. Here was all I said in the email.

It states my rebate is invalid because no UPC/serial number. Guys, look in the envelope I sent you, it's all there. I sent the original UPC cut from the box. It contains the serial number. I sent the receipt as needed, and I sent the rebate form.

It is illegal not to honor mail in rebates. I sent all the paperwork. Send me the rebate, or I will take legal action.
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