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Default Re: I'm a noob at HT Audio

Originally Posted by crainger View Post

Almost everyone I know games with a 5.1 setup. Plus a lot of games use EAXHD which is X-Fi only, but not just that, anything that's OpenAL or DirectSound3D suffers on the Xonar, that's basically every game released in the past 10 years.
Crainger- this is an HTPC ONLY rig... he wont be gaming on it *at all*. In his situation such a sound card is useless.

Furthermore, not many games make proper use of EAX. Honestly speaking, the anolog 5.1 sounded better or comparable to me than when using EAX. Now, I might have been playing the wrong game to test the sound out on... but any game I play EAX is less of a benefit and more of a hassle (Vista x64 and Creative's drivers) than anything.
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