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Default Crysis tweaked config.

Extreme Quality v 1.2

These are in game shots

These are some editor shots no AA or AF was used.

================================================== ==========
================================================== ==========

This config is only for people that want to go above very high,
with smooth & consistent frame rates...

Minimum specs is a 8800GT & a very fast cpu.

*** Features ***
* Added lite version for slower specs.

* Increased lod distances on terrain, vegetation, sprites & shadows.

* Increased water reflections distance and quality & tweaked the update

* Increase battle dust range in meters.

* Tweaked shadows & ssAO varibles for best visual lighting.

* Solved many artifacts with lod & shadows with vanilla settings.
(ie; screen flickering, terrain, water, and shadows updating)

* Optimize particles & physics.

* Added "sys_spec_Full=4" to force all other cmds to veryhigh.

* Better detailed mountains and surface terrain.

* Better shadows & post processing effects.

* Better HDR effects over vanilla default settings.

* Better water reflections and update distances.

*** Tweaks ***
If you have trouble running the config try the following tweaks...

These tweaks should give about 5-fps gain or more especially near water.

"r_WaterReflectionsMinVisiblePixelsUpdate=3" change to 0.05

"r_WaterUpdateDistance=-1" change to 0.2

"e_view_dist_ratio=100" lower this value like 50

"e_shadows_cast_view_dist_ratio=0.7" lower this to like 0.5

*** Please ensure that your playing in fullscreen mode, as performance
can be cut in half by playing crysis in a window mode.

*** Always defrag after installing crysis and other large programs.

*** Make sure to use the latest drivers for your hardware.
================================================== =======

*** Note ***
Before playing online with this autoexec, you must first change the cmd-
"e_detail_materials_view_dist_xy=4096" to 2048, to avoid punkbuster kick.
__________________________________________________ ______________________
__________________________________________________ ______________________

**Installation for vista**

1.) Extract .rar file with winrar/winzip.

2.) Place the "autoexec.cfg" file into your; "\Program Files\Electronic
Arts/Crytek/Crysis/Game" folder.

3.) When inside game hit ~ key if you see my art it loaded successfully.
__________________________________________________ _____________________
__________________________________________________ _____________________

**Installation for xp**

1.) Extract .rar file with winrar/winzip.

2.) Replace the "CVarGroups" folder into your; \Program Files
\Electronic Arts\Crytek\Crysis\Game\Config folder" (backup the
original),fyi there is a copy of it on your crysis disc.

3.) Go inside game and set all graphics to high, and exit game.

*I think "sys_spec_Full=3" command will already do this for you,
I've not tested it on xp though.

4.) Place the "autoexec.cfg" file into your; "\Program Files\Electronic
Arts/Crytek/Crysis/Game" folder.
================================================== =====================

If you use my config in a mod please credit me, thanks.

I like to thank Crytek for making this awesome game.

Special thanks to Koroush Ghazi over at tweakguides & to MADBoris for
his guide on the cvars...

Feedback threads & additional pics;
================================================== ==============
Config & Art Made by; Jmanrob

Extreme Quality v 1.2 *links … amp;page=1

Crysis Extreme Quality
Q6700, 8800gtx sli, 2x150 WD-Raptors

Extreme Quality Mod

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