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Default Re: Uncensoring ****

Originally Posted by LinuxManMike View Post
I just came up with a crazy idea... make a Q3 map that has a giant **** in the middle, textured entirely with the caulk texture.

HEY! You censored my ****! How do you know I wasn't talking about a chicken? (which I was... really...) But quite frankly, if you're going to censor the word ****, you really need to get rid of this and this . Consistency would be nice.
Remember when MikeC censored your C?

Anyways Q3?! Surely you mean Crysis?! I mean who plays an OpenGL title now that DX10 is out. Surely you jest? Ha Q3 ha ha hahahahahahaha

Oh wait Q3 was and still is more popular than Crysis will ever be. ::::
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