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Talking Play America's Army.....

And then you'll know how your machine will do in UT2003. Of course, wait a day or 2 and you'll know anyway

My system plays America's Army very FAST. I am running a GF3 Ti200, oc'ed to beyond GF3 Ti500 levels. How many people with GF3 Ti200s do you think run the card at STOCK SPEED! DUH!

The worst of the Ti200s clock at regular GF3 levels. Most go well beyond that perfectly stable. I'm sure there are some people who don't overclock their Ti200s, but not doing so just throws a good deal of performance out the window.

I don't plan on using AA, but I will use ansio (or -LOD patch) as it has very little impact on my setup. I run America's Army at 1024 x 768, in 32 bit color, all details maxed and I never have any slow ups. 50 to 100 fps seems pretty good to me.

A GF3 cannot run at the higher res's or really use AA, but otherwise if you have a 1.2ghz cpu or above with a GF3 of some kind your not gonna have many problems.

I won't upgrade my video card till XMas time or early next year, maybe even later than that. I just cannot see a need to.

Besides, I want to see how the NV30 compares to the Radeon 9700

And I'm getting kindof mad at every GF4 owner saying how friggen great their damn card is and how everything else is s**t!

The term "Bite Me" comes to mind
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