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Default nvnet module not found


I recently installed Red Hat 9 on a separate HD but have been having trouble accessing the internet through the onboard LAN card in an nFORCE (not 2 or 3) chipset. The mobo is the ASUS AVN266-VM/LAN/AA in case this is relevant.

Just to be clear, though I'm knowledgeable about Windows, I'm an ignoramus of Linux, though the point of this is to learn. Anyhow, I have Cable but receive it via the LAN card through an external Cable Modem. I installed the nFORCE drivers and in the Network configuration, it clearly attributes eth0 to nvnet. However, when I try to activate it, it gives the following error:

Command failed: /sbin/modprobe nvnet
Output: Can't locate module nvnet

Any help in resolving this would be much appreciated.

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