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Default Re: Undervolting GTX280 - The Way To Be Cool!

This make sense, but i calculated it and theres the same amps (I) on the PCB, cause the Watts (P) dropping also the voltage (U) so it doesnt matter. I know that lots of magazines recommend the undervolting from CPU/GPUs, to save power and reduce heat, but its always a risk, but changing the cooler is a risk too, a higher risk. I dont know one in our hardware oc forum who crashed his card from flashing the bios to a lower voltage, but i know some, who crashed a card cause of changing the cooler.

P = U * I

GPU voltage
I = P / U

Original:I = ~220w(load) / 1.18v (bios) = ~186A
Mod: I = ~170w(load) / 1.03v (bios) = ~165A

R = P / IČ

Original: R = 220w / 34760A = 0,006329ohm
Mod: R = 170w / 27241A = 0,006240ohm

I = P / U

Original:I = ~220w(load) / 12v (psu) = ~18A
Mod: I = ~170w(load) / 12v (psu) = ~14A

R = P / IČ

Original: R = 220w / 336A = 0,65ohm
Mod: R = 170w / 201A = 0,85ohm

only here we have a higher resistance. But I think you cant take the 12v of the PSU. We lower the voltage on the GPU and now we have less A

I know from many people that the real voltage is a bit higher than 1.18v (~1.23v). So the Amps should be the very similar. There is no risk to lower the voltage. I dont know one single person on earth who crashed his GPU/CPU with a lower voltage. But i want to know if you can find one!

So to lower the voltage is not bad for the GPU/PCB, its a bit BETTER for the live of the card, cause of the less heat, every hardware expert know that. The transistor need the correct voltage to work, the voltage thats choosen from the manifacturer is always higher.

So thats why i can playing games at 692/1417/1214 with only 1.06v, cause the manufacturers choose a high original voltage which i dont need. So i dont need a new cooler to get the GPU cooler or to get it quit.

Fact is: you are loosing the guarantee (i could afford a new one if i want)

Fact is: you can reduce heat, save money, less stress for your ears and a longer life of your card (thats what i want)

If the card will cost about 200$ in 1 year, you would probably change your mind.
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