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Default How many people blame KDE Gnome but dont realise its NVidia drivers????

I have been knocking Ubuntu and big distro's for extremely slow screen response and lag compared to windows. I know many, many people on forums are thinking the same thing - Linux has bad response.

I bought a new laptop with Intel video, and despite being half the spec of my main Linux workstation PC, the laptops Gnome session runs as fast as Windows. Then I purchased another PC with Ati video card and that too was as fast as Windows. Only the first PC, with NVidia video card, has terrible response (although the infamous Placement=2 line gets me a touch closer to the speed I'd expect).

Then I stumbled upon this forum and learnt that my 8600GT video card is effectively a three legged horse in Linux due some mysterious problem with the drivers/x-rendering.

I just kitted out a new business with 8 new machines and made sure none of the machines have NVidia video technology.

I am posting this message on Ubuntu forums to warn others. NVidia absolutely must get this sorted.
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