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Default Re: How many people blame KDE Gnome but dont realise its NVidia drivers????

Many people don't realize how much the Linux video situation has changed in the last year, and particularly the last 6 months. Nvidia used to be the #1 choice for Linux users, but aggressive work with the Linux community by both Intel and AMD/ATI have moved Nvidia to the #3 slot.

I only have a pair of old Nvidia laptops left; all other equipment has been shifted to Intel or AMD/ATI. All new purchases recommend only Intel or AMD/ATI video.

Installing Fedora (the Linux distribution I use) "just works" - including 3D acceleration - on many Intel or AMD/ATI based machines these days. You don't even touch the xorg.conf, and because the drivers are open sourced and included with the distribution, there's nothing to install or maintain manually. Speaking of the xorg.conf, it's not even needed anymore on recent versions of Xorg (for open source supported video). You can just delete it, and Xorg will internally generate a working configuration (yes, including accelerated 3D).

The unfortunate thing for new users is that they see the volume of historical information online indicating that Nvidia was the best choice for Linux users, and end up blaming Linux for all the problems they have getting their video to work.
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