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Default Re: GTX 260 only $329 at Newegg

Originally Posted by Medion View Post
I've got 100% success rate with mail-in rebates. All you do is make copies, mail it in ,and as soon as they deny it for whatever ludicrous reason they come up with, email them and file a complaint on Honestly, the BBB has become a process in about 40% of my rebates, which is about the same as you seem to be experiencing.

I actually mailed in two rebates to EVGA during my last build. They refused one, but after emailing them, they processed it. Here was all I said in the email.
I can't afford to worry about rebates, trying to track them after I send them, and filing reports with the BBB. I'd end up losing more money (calculated by what I make/hr), than what I'd gain back in return. Meaning, I'd make more money just working longer at my job, that fooling around with these $20-50 dollar rebates. Heck, I can't even justify sending off for one worth less than $20.

This is probably true for a lot of us who are buying (and can afford) these high end cards (instead of daddy or mommy).

So, in my viewpoint, the price of a card is its price not considering any rebate.
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