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Default Re: A bit of help needed to make a simple program

Originally Posted by MustangSVT View Post
Yes this helps a LOT actually. I was worried about making code in such a way that the 2nd text box is read only and how to make the dropdown menu properly (i.e. click outside of the dropdown menu to close it), but this really helps a lot. Now I just need to put some titles, get the right algorithm for the operation I do on the input from my co-workers and that'll be it.
you can change the text in boxes from anywhere in the code. maybe you were thinking of C++ where you have private variables that you cannot change from other sections of code without a global variable?

you can also add events. so you can add an event that updates the output box when the dropdown menu is changed, or when the input value is changed, as jcrox demonstrated so perfectly.
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