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Default Re: Best heatsink to OC Q6600?

9 out of 10 reviews state that the TRUE-120 is the hands down winner. You cant argue with those results. Plus I can confirm the awesomeness of said CPU cooler due to first hand experience and the hours of research I put in while looking for the proper cooler for MY Q6600.

Of course the TRUE-120 does NOT come with a fan, you need to supply your own 120mm fan. For that I strongly suggest getting the SilenX iExtrema-Pro 120x38mm, 90CFM/18dBA fan:

90CFM @ a whisper quiet 18 dBA. You cant find a better ratio then that. With this fan on my TRUE-120, Im able to keep my Q6600 temps in check at 3.6GHz.

if you plan on only running 3 to 3.2GHz, this is way more then enough cooling power for you AND it fits perfectly into your need of a quiet running PC.
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