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Default Re: So they're out. What will U DO?

Well i could not wait so i put it in last night...but i have a problem,

When i go into windows it sees the card and wants to search for i cancel that and download the latest from Nvidia,i go and install them then i reboot.
when i get back into windows it sees the card again and wants to search for drivers

I have try the drivers from the disc,the drivers from Nvidia,the first set of drivers from before.

Still nothing....also there is a weird connection on the second plug for the card,right below the pins there is some plastic thing going across the opening so that the plug sits funny

i don't think it's hardware related because it would not even see the card if it was a dud..

Any Ideas&Suggestions would be great.

Its an EVGA GTX 260


Also when i use the auto search for drivers with the disc finds the card and says "hardware could not be installed The parameter is incorrect"???

Are there two different versions of the disc ? maybe one for the 260 and one for the 280 because when the discs in it says EVGA 280

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