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Default Re: So they're out. What will U DO?

Yeah i did not have time to try all those things.

1.I'm using the Latest official BIOS 1215 i believe.
2.I'm using windows XP still so i'm pretty sure it's the right driver for XP
3.I'm using the two 6 pin PCI-E connectors from my Ocz 700W PSU[that's why i got the 260 because i would not have to get a new PSU]
4.I thought it might be a incompatibility with something in windows[so maybe a reinstall of windows?]
5.I am going to Reseat the card,and maybe Take out the sound card while i try could be the sound card causeing the problem[what about if i tryed one PCI-E 6 pin connector and 2 4 pin molex to one 6 pin adaptor?]

Thanks keep the ideas coming

I' don't believe i'm overloading the +12V rails.

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