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Default nVidia's secret nForce drivers


I have to admit I'm pretty amazed at what I just found. I recently installed Red Hat 9 Linux and found that it didn't recognize the onboard LAN card for my nForce chipset. Naturally, I went to the official nVidia site and saw the link in the Drivers page leading one to the "Linux and FreeBSD drivers". I clicked on it, and came up this page:

There I see a link to the nForce drivers that leads me to this page:

This link has drivers dated November 2002, but what the heck, if they work, no problem. The problem is that they *didn't* work. Life is tough one might be inclined to say. Still, I looked and looked, wanting to resolve my problem, and finally via GOOGLE, I found the solution: nVidia's JUNE 2003 drivers!!! Was this a secret beta that nasty Google uncovered? Nope! It comes with release notes and all!

Great going guys.


P.S. Now to test and see if they run....
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