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Default Re: I'm a noob at HT Audio

Originally Posted by Zapablast05 View Post
Then why does everyone bash on Creative?
The drivers were easy to mess up if you install them wrong. There was also the 'Squeal of Death' which affected A LOT of Audigy 2 owners. It was an issues where the PC would lock up with a squealing noise, it was hardware and Creative acknowledged the issues and replaced a few peoples cards, but not everyone's. I had the issue with my Abit IS7 P4 board, but it disappeared when I went to an nforce chipset.

Then there was the cost. Creative cards have always been pricey, but compared to the latest Azentech and ASUS offerings, they are cheaper.

Redeemed is right about Creative cards not being good for HTPC, I guess they were before we had decent onboard and DDL, but now they are only good for gaming. Ignore what people say about them being crap for gaming. It's the only way to get full hardware sound for all games under Vista. EAX is a bonus, but Alchemy will also boost FPS in a lot of DS3D games under vista. Especially Oblivion I managed a 10FPS increase, although that was before my beloved Q6600.
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