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Default Re: Evga GTX 280 FTW crash problems - not overheating

I've had the exact same problem the OP is describing when I first received my BFG GTX 280 OC: Worked fine in 2D, but a few minutes after I launched any 3D app, it black-screened my PC. I noticed the LED on the card was also turning red at this time.

I solved this by:

- Swapping out my 620W Nesteq PSU for a Gigabyte Odin Pro 1200W (I don't use SLI now, but maybe in the future, so I got the beefy model). Looking at its specs on paper, the Nesteq ought to be able to handle a single GTX 280, but in practice, it wasn't coping well. I chose the Odin because it's a very quiet PSU, thanks to its intelligent placement of heatsinks and temperature-controlled 14cm fan.

- Ripping out the heatsink+fan assembly and slapping on a DangerDen waterblock to water-cool it. The fan on this card gets way too loud for my liking under load. It had to go.

Everything is stable now, but these cards seem to have ridiculously strenuous power and cooling requirements. I refuse to use noisy computers so I was going to water-cool the card anyway, but I was just testing it first with the default air-cooler to make sure it wasn't DOA. Now it's silent and very fast, happy with my purchase.
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