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Default Re: Ncix already lower GTX 280 and GTX 260 prices !!

Geez everbody here are Nvidia fanboys !! Incredible the amount of ....

First I have the HD 4870 and previously I had the 8800GTX and also the Ultra...

8800GTX was the most silent card I ever had with the 7900GTX.

4870 is silent most of the time, you cannot hear the fan until temp reach over 84 and it never happened but with fur benchmark.

So I don't have to look around I have the card..I can hear and test it. You should look around dude, all reviews mention the GTX280 to be very noisy and the ATI to be quiet.

My friend has the GTX280 and it's a jet engine when it start....

And yes .65nm process is obselete (not the video card). Don't take my words, Nvidia will make the switch sooner than later.
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