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Default Re: How many people blame KDE Gnome but dont realise its NVidia drivers????

There seems to be quite unfriendly rumor against nvidia linux drivers lately - at least in desktop area.
I was quite satisfied with 2d performance when using KDE3 (geforce 7600GT).
But then I started to test KDE4. First it was slow and sluggish, so I thought - oh, maybe KDE4 is not mature enough.
Then at work I upgraded to openSuSE 11.0 with KDE4 (it's a dual pentium M workstation with cheap Intel 82945G/GZ) - I was totally blown away - KDE4 is snappy with or without effects.
I'm getting an old radeon 9250 SE out of the closet soon, hopefully it will ouperform 7600GT in desktop (SHAME!).
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