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Default Re: Motherboard recommendation for GTX 280 SLI?

Originally Posted by XxDeadlyxX View Post
I'm looking at what motherboard to buy for GTX 280 or 260 SLI, and I want to still be able to use my X-Fi XtremeMusic so there must be a standard PCI slot free. I was eyeing up some 750i boards including the Asus P5N-D, however with SLI, on the P5N-D there's only the very bottom PCI slot free, and the X-Fi would be right next to the fan of the bottom GTX, which I am assuming would cause havoc for overheating as it is blocking the airflow, and may cause problems with making the X-Fi get too hot too.

I thought of a 780i board, but from what I have read, if you only have 2-way SLI, you have to use the top and bottom PCI-e 16x slots, which stops you having any room for the sound card.

Any suggestions?
780i will be fine. It has the same layout as the 680i and 790i. The sound card goes between the two graphics cards. There is one pci slot left for it. That is how i've been running all my setups.
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