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Default Re: CryEngine 2 Powered "Forged by Chaos" MMO Announced

Originally Posted by Sgt_Pitt View Post
looks like a warhammer ripoff
I assumed it was a warhammer game, went back to look at the site, and it doesnt mention warhammer anywhere..
So basicly this game is prolly going to get shut down, they´ve totally copied WH fantasy style.
Even their backstory is ripped with minor tweaks.
The world, still young in those times of Terra, was impregnated by the magic of the original CHAOS, the source of all things. The seals were weak while the barrier, dividing the stable world from the ever-changing IMMATERIUM, was thin. The poles of Terra bound it together with feed funnels of the entries, the GATES OF CHAOS with the SOURCE.
Terra, the name for Earth in WH40k.. the immaterium is what they call the warp, "impregnated by the magic of the original chaos"... The poles in WH, the Chaos Wastelands where chaos marches against the world from..

I mean, there is no denying this is IP theft..

Theres talk on their forum about WH models surfacing on the companys website like 4 years ago, so I think the were working on a WH license, then it got cancelled, and they´ve just decided to mod it a little and try to get away with that.

Also its not really a MMO, but seems more like Hellgate.. persistant characters, but not world
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