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Default Has anyone tried to get a price adjustment from Newegg?

We all know that video cards drop in price over time. However, this price drop on the GTX280/260 so soon after launch is very unusual. I guess we have ATI to thank for this, and it's just one more example of no matter which cards you prefer, competition is best for everyone. Still, I bought my GTX 280 from Newegg just over 2 weeks ago, and the price has dropped $110!!! I'm tempted to return my card under their return policy and order another at the new price, but I was wondering if Newegg will just issue a credit to my account instead of me having to return this card. I've heard that Newegg won't do this, but it doesn't make a lot of sense for me to return a card I want to order another at a lower price.
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