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Default SLI clock speeds

I am a bit puzzled - Got my RMA back from BFG so now I have 2 GTX280 and an EVGA 750i FTW motherboard. I am powering the system with a Thermaltake Toughpower 1000W, which has 8pin and 6pin connectors on different rails for each of the graphics cards.

I have done a fresh install of Vista64 and am using nvidia driver 177.41 - I am using rivatuner to monitor clock speeds of the graphics cards.

If I run in single card mode (with either card - i swapped em around) the card runs at the full 3d clock speed in games..

If I put the system in SLI mode and start a game, the clocks jump up to the full (600Mhz+) level when the game starts.. but after about 20 sec (it is always a similar length of time) the clocks are reduced to low power 3d mode (ie 400mhz). The cards are running at 70c or so.

I tried unplugging as many powered devices as I could and it made no difference. I tried reinstalling driver/rivatuner/nforce driver - I tried using 177.39 driver. I updated to the (beta) F bios. I put my system back to standard clocks - I tried less/more voltage to northbridge. I am stuck....

anyone have an idea? :/
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