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Default Re: Has anyone tried to get a price adjustment from Newegg?

I'll find out on Monday, but I would think that Newegg would honor the adjustment on a card that they are now selling for a much lower price. many stores such as BB, Fry's and Circuit City will adjust a price if they or even a competitor are selling it for less for a specified period. If it involves a computer, that may be only 14 days.

If Newegg will not adjust the price, I'll just order another card at the new price and return the one I have. Newegg will then have a returned card and they'll have sold another to me for the reduced price.

It's no secret how video cards drop in price over time, but since this happened so quickly, common sense may allow for an adjustment. I've bought a lot of merchandise from Newegg, so we'll see how much it values its customers.
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