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Default Re: This is pissing me off!!

Originally Posted by Runningman View Post
Doesnt CnC have an option for NAT delay in the network options menu? give that a try but this sounds like a netcode issue with the game, why dont you try to reinstall the game and reinstall all the patches to see what happens.
Oh ya, try to add and exculsion in your windows firewall software to see if that helps.
I originally had the NAT Delay enable... then disabled it last night when my buddy and I went in online. Didn't make a difference. And there should be an exclusion for the game in the Windows Firewall... I got a prompt the first time I ran the game asking whether the game should be added allowed through the firewall or not. Though I'll double check. If so, I'll try the re-install and see how that goes. Thanks bud.
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