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Default Re: Wow!! Major price drop!

Well I just picked up 2 4870s today to see what all the hype is about and I am severly disappointed. I am way happier with the 650 I spent on my 280 GTX than the 600 I spent on 2 4870s. In Crysis although 2x 4870's are supposed to have a higher average framerate, the game felt much smoother on my 280 GTX, I suspect this is because of the microstuttering and a higher minimum framerate on my 280 GTX. Also the heat coming from 2 cards makes my room uncomfortably warm. 1 280 GTX generates a lot of heat but a 4870 is almost just as hot and there are 2 of them.

Plus there is still the issue of the blocky shadows in DX9 games which use nVidia's Ultra shadow. Crossfire is also still too buggy, I have experienced various issues with games I play like some games getting stuck loading etc.

Don't buy into the Hype 1x 280 GTX > 2x 4870
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