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Default Re: Can not start X : Input/output error on /dev/nvidia0

Unfortunately not. I tried updating the BIOS but that made the situation worse (wouldn't boot if the HDMI were inserted at all). No useful feedback from the mobo manufacturer ("try installing Windows"), so in the end I gave up and bought a PS3 (was looking for an excuse anyway) which naturally handles HDMI flawlessly and runs Linux well enough to run MythTV (with a few patches to address the framebuffer limitation).
One thing I did try (with some success) was an HDMI switch. If I plugged the machine into (say) input A of a 2-way switch, and the panel into the output, then the machine could be powered up with the input of the switch set to B, then switch to input A after a moment. Easier than reaching round the back of the panel each time. Be warned that, as I remember, this doesn't necessarily work on every switch I tried, and some of the cheaper ones introduce unacceptable interference into the signal. You get what you pay for! Alternatively, an extra length of HDMI lead and a gender-changer to plug them together achieves much the same effect, and also means there isn't wear on the machine or panel's socket...

Hope this helps!

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