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Default Re: HD 4870 vs GTX 260

Originally Posted by particleman View Post
Yeah, a lot of people have taken the 260/280 bashing too far. The only reason the 4870 over the 260GTX in reviews was because of price. If nVidia has dropped the price to of the 260 to 299 (the same price as the 4870) I would say the 260GTX is the better purchase because of more memory and future games will have larger textures.

And the 280GTX is still the fastest single chip card out there, there is no disputing that.
I fully agree with you

As about 280 GTX it is the clear winner when comes to performance (with and without AA)
The GTX280 is clearly superior in speed from the 4870 in almost every test i have seen

The people that say 4870 is faster from GTX280 are fanboys

Some examples (with AA)

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