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Default Re: HD 4870 vs GTX 260

Originally Posted by Vasot02 View Post
As about 280 GTX it is the clear winner when comes to performance (with and without AA)
The GTX280 is clearly superior in speed from the 4870 in almost every test i have seen

The people that say 4870 is faster from GTX280 are fanboys
When you post some hand picked benches at least you should link the source so we can see the whole story.

Furthermore this thread is about "HD 4870 vs GTX 260" and you guys keep bringing up GTX 280.

GTX 280 is not even closely in the same price range, we sure have to wait for the HD 4870x2 to compare against it.

I didn't noticed anybody claiming that HD 4870 is faster than GTX 280, most would just say it is much better deal, one off the reason i bought one.
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