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Default Re: HD 4870 vs GTX 260

Originally Posted by Vasot02 View Post
I fully agree with you

As about 280 GTX it is the clear winner when comes to performance (with and without AA)
The GTX280 is clearly superior in speed from the 4870 in almost every test i have seen

The people that say 4870 is faster from GTX280 are fanboys

Some examples (with AA)

Well the price is still up there on the cards....if nvidia were to bring it down then it might be a loss...i would also imagine alot of retailers would also be in QQ -.-...The ATi card is cheap and delivers...while the nvidia gtx 280 is expensive..but is aimed for those who have expensive big which case...cost is negated...but for many people out there that want to get good performance at a decent resolution...without having to give up a kidney...then the 4870 is better a choice....
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