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Question Reporting 0 GPU temperature and stutter


I'm currently running an Asus GTX 280 on which I installed an Aquacomputer Aquagrafx 200 water block. I just did a short functionality test with the card before I installed the water block so I can't say much about the behaviour of the card before installing the water block except that the card basically seemed to work - which it still does.
Everest and GPU-Z are however always reporting a 0 GPU temperature which jumps around to 64 sometimes in Everest and in GPU-Z also sometimes to 192. So basically I always get a reading of 0 (most of the time), 64 or 192.
When playing GRID the game stutters a bit.

I also had a BFG GTX 280 in this PC with stock air cooler and the temperature was fine with this one and also no stuttering in GRID.

In another board I read about someone with the same problem, the guy also got an Asus card, I don't know if he has installed a water block tho (I guess not). (GERMAN)

Does anyone else have this problem and maybe has a solution or knows what is causing the problem?

The GPU surrounding/PCB temperature is correctly reported btw (37).
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