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Default Re: HD 4870 vs GTX 260

Originally Posted by Kaguya View Post
For me it came down to a couple things... Firstly, I was concerned at the lower 512 Meg Memory on the 4870 since I intend to play everything at 1920x1200 and I wasn't sure how long it would take for that to get tapped out (I heard there are 1gig 4870s, but I couldn't find one in my market).
There aren't any 1Gb versions yet, and I really doubt we're going to see such cards in at least a couple of months. :-/

Secondly, I have an SLI motherboard that I really haven't had the chance to put through its paces, and since I can't get two ATI cards on here, the obvious was to put to nVidia cards in... these will most likely be the last graphics cards on this board.
The GTX 260 is a solid performer and will give you a more solid gaming experience when SLIed compared to 4870 CF due to the more mature drivers.

I do think the 4870 is a good card, and I seriously considered waiting until the 4870x2 showed up, but alas I'm not a very patient person
I'm not either, and I'm dying to get a new card, but I know that my patience will be rewarded if I just wait a little bit longer...

Enjoy your new babies!
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