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Smile Well, I really only played America's Army....

To see how well my computer did running it because it used the UT2003 engine (Or a similar build).

I play BF1942 demo at 1024 x 768, 32 bit, 4x ansio (Or -LOD patch if its DX instead of OGL) without any problems at all. Of course I am using patched 30.30 drivers with RivaTuner, but hey RT is awesome. Anyway, playing BF1942 online is a blast. I do pretty good. Kindof like spending time 4Wheeling in the Jeeps trying to get em stuck

When the new 40 series Win98 drivers come out, they should boost performance in both GF3 and GF4 cards, since both support pixel and vertex shaders. That will only make UT2003 run better no matter which card you have
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