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Default Re: Wow!! Major price drop!

unfortunately xfire can be a missfire compared to SLI.

AMDATi has a good card on there hands, now they need to get there xfire drivers upto scratch...without it..buying an X2/Xfire setup is very very risky..and i'd rather buy a GTX280 than 2x4870...for the moment....

I have seen some reviews and when Xfire works..its fantastic..but when it dosen't...its really bad..

So if your going single gpu..then 4870 is a good choice, but if ure going to xfire 4870...then its better to put that money into a gtx280. added bonuses include higher ram, probably a card that will last a really long time, phyx & cuda, also the cooler is alot better.

Apart from the cost on the 280...the power connectors on them is a bit ridiculous...
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