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Default Re: Leadtek 280 Extreme ?

Originally Posted by rakesh27 View Post
I saw this too on overclockers, couldnt believe the clocks for the prce compared to EVGA SSC well overpriced.

Recently the prices of all 280 in the uk esp at overclockers has come down, no way i was gonna pay 500GBP+ for that card.

I was seriously considering the Leadtek Extreme 280 then relised too good to be true, could be a mis print, im not too sure with that company how reliable the card will be.

I them thought EVGA SSC 280, too overpriced and since i have a BFG OC2 8800GTX (excellent card) i might as well wait for the BFG OC2 280 or 4870X2 by Sapphire, i need some thing for gaming at 1920*1080 1080p.
Nice clocks on that card it will fly for the most part at 1920x1200.

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