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Default Re: HD 4870 vs GTX 260

Originally Posted by Blacklash View Post
You've got a golden card there. I was poking around Guru3d and saw one fellow that got glitches @ 820 and another that had made 840 stable. You're the only 860-890 I've seen.
Lash, I think you really jumped the gun on this one. The 4870 doesn't even have a driver for it out yet; it's using the latest 3870 driver to run on. The Catalyst limits the overclock to 790, and the two 3rd party tools most commonly used to overclock ATI cards with (Riva Tuner, ATi Tool) don't have a profile for it yet. Not only that, but you have it running on an unofficial driver (3870 driver) that's keeping the fan speed locked at 23% or less. So of course you won't see many guys overclocking it right now.

You and I both know that ATI's cards have overclocked like mad in the past. There's no reason to think they won't this time when the 3rd party tools are modified to include it in the profile. Just wait until Wizzard gets his ATi Tool updated for the 4800 series and allows a V-core bump. You'll see guys at over 900 on the core like I had my 2900XT at.

You also say that the 260 is a better overall performer. Well show me a single game where the 260 cranks out performance equal to or better as GTX280. You won't find one, whereas you'll find the 4870 doing it on many occasions.

Bottom line is that there are 4 great graphics cards on the market right now between the GTX280, 260, HD4870 and 4850. Many of you need to be happy about what you have instead of feeling so threatened by the competition.

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