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Default Re: HD 4870 vs GTX 260

Originally Posted by Medion View Post
And? There are a lot of people who own an original XBox 360, and have never had problems. Doesn't mean there isn't a mass problem with it.

While the issues with nForce aren't nearly as bad as the 360, it's been documents that nForce has issues. nForce 2 was friggin brilliant, and 3 was excellent as well. nForce 4 was utterly horrible out of the box.

I own an nForce 4 ultra, nForce 4 SLI, and nForce 650i Ultra. The north/southbridge fan on both NF4s died...repeatedly. The Ultra has become very unstable, while the SLI has been RMA'ed. The 650 doesn't like driver updates and causes BSOD/reboot cycles if you try to update the driver, ut is otherwise stable...for now.

It's luck of the draw. You've had excellent luck, I have not, but the issues with nForce are well documented.
I agree nForce chipsets have been going backwards, (and my brothers NF4 chipset fan died as well) you cannot blame THAT aspect on anyone but the company that chooses to use those crappy loud fans on their motherboard.
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