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Default Re: HD 4870 vs GTX 260

Originally Posted by Xion X2 View Post
You also say that the 260 is a better overall performer. Well show me a single game where the 260 cranks out performance equal to or better as GTX280. You won't find one, whereas you'll find the 4870 doing it on many occasions.
What kind of point is that? If the GTX260 performed the same as the GTX280, there wouldn't be a lot of reason for the GTX280 to exist.

The interesting thing about the HD4870 is everyone regards it as a bit better than the GTX260, but that's not necessarily the case for the high res gamer.
GTX260 edges HD4870 at 25X16 COD4.
GTX260 edges HD4870 at The Witcher 25X16.
GTX260 beats the HD4870 at every res on Oblivion, including 25X16.
GTX260 edges HD4870 at ET:QW at 25X16.
GTX260 edges HD4870 at 25X16 HL2:EP2.
GTX260 wins the two playable resolutions of Lost Planet.
GTX260 beats HD4870 at every resolution at COH.

So the HD4870 superiority is largely a myth- sure it wins more than it loses at lower resolutions, but both cards are more than playable at those so it's sort of a hollow victory.

Don't even want to go into the "4870 often equals the GTX280" stuff- because the HD4870 is clearly the inferior card.
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