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Default Re: nVidia 8000/9000 Series Performance Issues

Performance tends to be relative - You need to define what is slow and how you measured along with something you wouldn't consider slow on a similar setup.

I'm using the 177.13 beta drivers on an EVGA 8800GT. Running WoW with full settings/4x AA in a window on compiz-fusion w/ emerald he highly usable for me (30-60 fps ingame), even while playing neverball at the same time. My cpu is a single core 3700+, 2G ram, software striped raid. I do disable ingame audio because pulseaudio hogs my cpu while multitasking. When I disable compiz, things obviouly go a little quicker. I disable smooth scrolling in Firefox - disabling flash also makes things much faster for me as flash consume TONS of cpu.

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