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Default Re: nVidia 8000/9000 Series Performance Issues

Originally Posted by OVERKILL8 View Post
Install nvclock, then run nvclock -f -F auto

Compiz-fusion works beautifully for me. Only performance issue I have is with SOME website with Firefox and I had always just blamed Firefox.........
What card and driver do you have?

Originally Posted by memeyou View Post
Performance tends to be relative - You need to define what is slow and how you measured along with something you wouldn't consider slow on a similar setup.

I'm using the 177.13 beta drivers on an EVGA 8800GT. Running WoW with full settings/4x AA in a window on compiz-fusion w/ emerald he highly usable for me (30-60 fps ingame), even while playing neverball at the same time. My cpu is a single core 3700+, 2G ram, software striped raid. I do disable ingame audio because pulseaudio hogs my cpu while multitasking. When I disable compiz, things obviouly go a little quicker. I disable smooth scrolling in Firefox - disabling flash also makes things much faster for me as flash consume TONS of cpu.
I'm going to try these 177 drivers now. And yes, performance tends to be relative, but I think we all know what we mean when we say that KDE4 is unbearable or scrolling in firefox takes half a minute to render a frame or compiz fusion is choppy when minimizing/maximizing.

I've been using windows on my dual boot setup JUST because of this issue. On windows, resizing complicated windows is a snap and 2D performance is awesome as well as 3D performance. I would be on Linux if that were the case over there...
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