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Default Re: nVidia 8000/9000 Series Performance Issues

Leadtek 8800 GTS 512
Q6600 @ 4x3.2 ghz
8GB DDR2 800

Driver: 173.14.09
Distribution: Gentoo ~amd64 Stage 1

Hardly problems with 2D or 3D acceleration. Compiz Fusion is running smooth. You have to disable "Detect Refresh Rate" within ccsm (compiz settings tool) and set your refresh rate manually. If it is allready set to 60 (for example) but Compiz is stil stuttering just set it to 59 and go back to 60. Otherwise it is not used. This is how it works for me

Compiz also runs a bit smoother when you enable sync whether in nvidia-settings or ccsm, not both!

In rare cases Firefox scrolls slowly but it is depending on the website. Normally it scrolls perfect.

I hope my english is not too bad
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