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Default Re: HD 4870 vs GTX 260

Originally Posted by radeonred View Post
Nice way to hand pick the those benchies Rollo, I could easily do the same.
You could probably do it easier as the 4870 wins more benches from the GTX260 than it loses, but that wasn't really my point, was it? BTW what was your name before you re-joined as Radeon Red to spam the forum with ATi ads?

Originally Posted by radeonred View Post
ROTFLMAO, Its anything but a myth, trust me I own one.
Errrr...woot? Sorry don't trust you. And to me owning a 3870 is about like owning a Voodoo 2 as I use 2 X GTX280. A 256bit 512M $300 card isn't enough to get a "ZOMG!" from me.

Originally Posted by radeonred View Post
So just because both cards are still playable that means that the obvious lead that the 4870 usually carries over the GTX 260 suddenly doesnt exist or doesnt count?
Ah but the point you miss is that if you can't tell the difference between the cards in gameplay, we get down to things like angle dependent AF, inferior transparency AA, no PhysX, no CUDA, less RAM, worse warranties, no step up program, worse service.

The 4870 just isn't a "no brainer" since NVIDIA lowered the price on the GTX260. A buyer might put up with the above for $100 less, but for the same price? For what? To get unnoticeable FPS differences and DX10.1?

Uh huh.

Originally Posted by radeonred View Post
No one is claiming the 4870 to be better than the GTX 280 but if you would like I can show you more than one bench of the 4870 either being equal to the GTX 280 or surpassing it. How many charts can you show me of a stock GTX 260 doing the same?

Yeah I thought so.
Like I said, proving the 4870 is "better" than the GTX260 because it compares to the 280 in a handful of benches and the 260 doesn't is sort of whack.

I guess at the end of the day all we can say is for the last 19 months all ATi's techs can do is come up with second best tech, probably because they have budget constraints given AMDs ginormous debt load and consecutive losses in preceding quarters.
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