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Default Re: HD 4870 vs GTX 260

Originally Posted by DHP View Post
I had bought HD4870's this weekand and a Gigabyte X48 CF mobo, and trust me, GTX280 SLi is way, WAAAAY faster in COD4 and in GRID, the 2 games that the ATi's should be blazingly fast in. I tested the CF setup very thoroughly.

Well, I found out the Radeon Red cards actually sucked in these games comparing to 2 GTX280's in SLi.

Stuttering, framedrops, a lot of heat coming out of the back of the card idle, a frying hot PCB and memory. Over 100C in CF. Bad IQ. Very noisy at only 35% fanspeed, and 35% fanspeed is not enough to cool the cards properly, so I think these cards have to be clocked down in 3D to be cooler. 8x AA in GRID, HL2 (ep 1, 2) and COD4 is not even playable @ 1920x1200.

Well, I think (actually tested it myself) the radeon HD4870 sucks! I tried 8.7 beta and 8.6 hotfix, and I tested if Crossfire was working, and it was, but it was a lot, a lot slower than GTX280 SLi. I cannot believe 2 GTX260's in SLi are slower than 2 HD4870's in CF. No way.

The image quality of the ATi's was bad too. (Moving AA textures in GRID and shimmering in HL2) nVidia's GT200 series give a lot better IQ. AF and AA is much much better on the nVidia cards.


I'll never buy an ATi card again in my whole life. This was the second time I tried it, I owned a HD3870X2 too, but I sold them all after 3 days of gaming.

Conclusion: Dont believe reviewers... Test it yourself.
Well I call this bull. As much as I hate the 2nd fanboy, I have upgraded from 8800GT to a 4780. Why would I bother with SLI or XFire when this card already runs COD4 at max with 4AA16AF at 1920 - smooooooth as butter? Also, image quality for me in excellent. I don't have any of the problems that you have, and at 30% my card idles at 44 and loads at about 60-70. I would say that is not bad (replacing the stock cooler soon). Also, I am using the normal 8.6 (maybe the normal 8.6 on amd's website includes the hotfix, dunno). All in all I am VERY please with this card, especially for the price it's going for.

Unless you are just pissed at rad red, in which case I don't know what to say (except for go away fanboys of the netz).
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