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Default Re: HD 4870 vs GTX 260

Originally Posted by H3avyM3tal View Post
I have upgraded from 8800GT to a 4780. Why would I bother with SLI or XFire when this card already runs COD4 at max with 4AA16AF at 1920
I tested it at COD4 at those settings with a single card, and I had a lot of framedrops to 40- 45FPS with the single card with VSYNC ON and of.

I find that not playable @ 1920x1200. everything below 55 FPS is/feels kinda laggy to me. Framedrops suck.

Its certainly faster than a 8800GT, but a 9800GTX OC comes close to a HD4870 imho.

I do think the HD4870 is "a bit" overhyped. OK, it costs a lot less than a GTX280, but the gameplay on a 280 is a lot better than on a HD4870. Higher minimum framerates. Less drops. Better @ very high settings. 512MB vidmem is not cutting it no more.

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This thread rocks.
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