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Default Re: nVidia 8000/9000 Series Performance Issues

Originally Posted by AaronP View Post
Compiz window resizing is slow for a number of reasons mostly related to the inefficient way that the X server resizes redirected windows. Performance should be significantly better with InitialPixmapPlacement=2, except that most window decorators use currently-unaccelerated convolution filters for their shadows, bogging it down. Please try solid resizing with IPP=2 and the window decorator disabled, to see how much of an effect it has. Improving the performance of convolution filters and redirected window resizing in general is something we're working on for future driver releases.

Also, you should see a significant improvement in redirected window resizing performance with IPP=1 if you use one of the xserver 1.5 prereleases.
Just for fun, I tried this option and it absolutely KILLED my X performance. On "1", it FLIES, 2 is awful. VERY WEIRD!!!
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